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Brian Tierney
I attempted to use this service to install a google NEST Thermostat. It is a prepaid fixed fee for 150 euro which seemed fair at the time. How wrong I was. I selected a date and made sure I was there all day no arrival, after multiple calls (phone is automated only) and emails I got a reply that it was moved to the next day. Electrician turns up next day, turns out I need a single cable pulled in place of the existing cable. Simple job but not part of the install apparently. So after 90 mins of looking at what to do, electrician leaves and no work done. I look for an update for extra cable, 3 days later I get a quote for over 600e. I requested my money back as no work completed. Multiple times and have been ignored every time. Recently I received the invoice for works that never happened. I have been scammed by this horrendous company. I have since had it fitted with new cable for 100e. Please avoid and seek professional non scam artist companies.
3/16/2021 8:38:46 PM Report