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Vacho of GxG Transport Irelan Don't touch him with a bargepole. Waited 4 hours on June 11th 2019. to meet him to collect a chest of Drawers from Glasnevin to Limerick. His choice of time and day. Text and App Messages to confirm this . He stated Lunchtime for collection as it takes me over an hour to get to Glasnevin I told him I be there till 3.00pm. At 2.02 I apped him to ask where he was and that I was hungry wanted a sandwich. Got a reply by text in which he stated he was delayed on his current job and not going to be there before 3pm. He rang at 2.56 which i missed and than replied to at 3.01 to be informed that he could not make the collection as he was still in the City Centre which may I add is all of 2.5 miles away. However, he stupidly has send a app message by mistake to me meant for another client at 14.57 stating " Hi can collect cash in 20 minutes please let me me know if still ok. " That message was not for me. He basically lied through his teeth he was not in a job in the City Centre at all. He just decided to collect money elsewhere and leave me high and dry. I landed out wasting over 6 hours althoughter on this Valco. Its easy to work out his priorities. Not the Client. PS. I have all the messages saved on the computer. Helen Thornton.
6/11/2019 6:50:00 PM Report