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I came in to get my haircut and layered. I have had this hair style for years and it suits me. I had booked online and pick someone called Rebecca in the system. When I came in, Mark was the one who helped me. I explained how I wanted my hair cut in layers. After a big trim he dried it and I left to pay. Never was I ask how I part my hair or how I wear it normally. Now I understand everyone has a different way of cutting and perhaps a different process of getting there. I was not sure about the cut when I left the shop, but usually it is fine once I wash it and do it myself again at home. I tried it that night and I was still not happy. The left side is longer and bulkier and it looks like two layers of hair. One at the level of my ear and the other past my shoulders. Just not blended in properly. I came back on the shop at 9am just when they opened, as this is usually a quiet time and expressed my feelings. I wasn't happy with the cut and asked if Mark could tweak it a little bit. He sat me down and showed me that my hair was cut straight and therefor would be even on both sides. Even though I ask politely that the way it is parted ( in the middle) it is not even and if he could adjust the cut. Again he said it was straight and this is how layers are cut. And he simply could not give me what I was asking and that was that- his words. Again I said nicely I was not happy with the cut and if he could adjust it. And again it was a no. It looked like Mark was very offended. I told him it was nothing personal, it maybe the way my hair falls or the parting of it or I did not explain properly what I wanted, but I am not happy with it and if he could please adjust it. No customer service was shown here. I did not ask for a free haircut or an free adjustment I just went back as I was not happy and wanted to give the salon the chance to change this. On the website it days under Mark's name: ''He has a solid reputation for earning the trust and confidence of his clients through his technical expertise and commitment to understanding his clients’ wishes.'' Obviously this did not happen as my wishes were not respected or understood. I had heard good reviews from you guys, but I am very disappointed - My hair will grow back- but I will never be back after the way I was treated. I hope for the future that when someone comes back, and is polite about the adjustment you step over your ego and actually listen and help them.
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