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Pyr Vict
Would give 0 stars or a negative rating if possible. Had an encounter with a driver of one of their buses recently. I was parked legally waiting for schools to let out. Driver performed an illegal turn by the Park. Proceeded to beep at me to try and get my parking space. Rather than ask me to move, this idiot just started beeping his horn. He then proceeded to park outside me illegally, and boxed me in. When I asked if anything was wrong, he got out of the bus in an aggressive manner to give out to me. Completely idiotic comments and nonsensical argument. Really petulant and childish behaviour. What is most worrying is that parents are trusting people like this with ensuring that their children arrive home safely... I would be terrified of letting anyone I know on one of these buses, having met some of the drivers. Will never set foot on one of their buses.
12/5/2019 4:55:56 PM Report