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Sally Synott
My son, age 14, spent €100 of his birthday money on a pair of trainers in Greenes on saturday last. Ten minutes after buying them he discovered that they were €40 cheaper in Elverys (also in Claremorris - pity we didnt go there first) and we went back to show them this online. Identical trainers were €60 in Elverys and if you bought one pair you also got another half price. Having explained the situation however, Greenes were having none of it, offered us a store voucher for the €100 and we left the shop VERY dissatisfied customers and a 14 year old in tears at the unfairness of it all. We will mark it down to experience, but will NEVER shop at Greenes again. Its a shame because the salesman, Joe Stephens who sold us the trainers was a gentleman and extremely helpful. It was the manager he referred us to that had such an arrogant and extremely unhelpful manner. That, together with store policy will ensure i never shop there again, nor will any of my family or many friends i will make sure know about it.
5/28/2014 6:34:47 PM Report