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Floor Sanding Dublin

Floor Sanding Dublin Services You Can Count On

Wood dust comes with a wide range of problems. First, the skim covering the items in your house is unsightly, and can take ages to get rid of. Covering your items with plastic offers little protection against the relentless particles that wind up everywhere. They leave you with the arduous task of deep cleaning your establishment. In addition, your electronics, art pieces on the walls, plus your heating and ventilation air conditioning system are all at risk. The wood dust can reduce the efficiency of your appliances, or effectively ruin them. Avoid all this trouble. Call in our experts for dustless floor sanding.

The health of the persons in the establishment also comes into focus. When wood dust particles get raised into the atmosphere, they can easily get inhaled. This comes with its problems. For starters, there’s the coughing and sneezing, and triggering of allergic reactions. The fine dust particles can linger on in the atmosphere for long, exposing your household members, or the customers and employees in your building to further risk. The musky smell is also annoying, preventing you from being able to fully concentrate in your activities. It doesn’t stop there. Wood dust is carcinogenic. Combine it with the chemicals from the old floor finish, and it becomes a real hazard in your home or business premises. The dustless floor sanding enables you to avert all these problems, and retain the health standards of your home or office building.

Value Of Turning To Professional Floor Sanding Services

1. High power for optimum efficiency

You don’t want the sanding process to take hours, and chomp off your entire weekend. You want to be able to resume the floor refinishing process a soon as possible. Whether you’re simply sprucing up your home, or preparing your business premises for the event of the year, you want the process to go quickly without compromising on the results. That’s what we do. Our personnel comes with top-of-the-range floor sanding equipment to deliver quality results and take up minimal time. The high-powered tools sand through the multiple layers of previous finishing on the wood surfaces, revealing the bare wood underneath. The sanding belts leave the surface smooth and ready for the next step in the refinishing process. The dust is removed using powerful suction, leaving the premises clean, without needing you to follow up with mops and buckets.

2. Save your time and energy

The dustless floor sanding means that you won’t be forced to start off the process by taping off rooms or getting dropsheets for the items in your home. You also get to avoid the arduous task and risks involved in the floor sanding itself. Costly DIY mistakes include under-sanding or over-sanding, following the incorrect grit sequence, and leaving scratches all over the floor. You don’t want to spend hours sanding the floor only to end up with unsatisfactory results. A mistake during the sanding process will show up after you’re done finishing. Imagine going though that entire process, and being forced to repeat it because of the inability of the wood stain or sealant to be absorbed evenly on the surface. Sanding, finishing, waiting for the treatment to dry, removing it and repeating the cycle is frustrating. Avoid it all by getting it done right the first time round. The floor sanding experts ensure that you get your floor refinishing process off on the right footing by providing quality sanding results.

3. We cover all types of wood flooring

Our floors sanding services are available for the wide range of flooring types in both domestic and commercial establishments, such as oak, mahogany and maple. Our experienced team know the right amount of pressure and grades and gauges to use, to give you the results you desire.

4. Sustainable practices

The onus is upon us to protect the earth for future generations. Each of us has a role to play. We have taken up ours with zeal. Our floor sanding processes, from working through the wood surface to getting rid of the resultant waste, is done using eco-friendly processes.

5. Affordable floor sanding

You get to make savings with our floor sanding services. The affordable prices take into account the size of the flooring being sanded, and its material. You don't have to worry about hidden charges- there are none.

Floor Sanding Dublin


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