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Co. Dublin City
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01 820 2020
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Whether you live in Dublin or just visiting taxi fares don’t have to cost the earth, as here at Eight Twenty Cabs we can transport you to your destination affordably and efficiently.


Eek, methinks not is correct. This place advertises a 20% discount on ALL fares! (all is on bold on their site) "SAVE 20% ON ALL TAXI FARES!" "20% DISCOUNT ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, ALL OVER DUBLIN! NO VOUCHERS - NO GIMMICKS - NO CATCHES!" No Gimmicks, that really gets me! So under the heading of 20% off they have subheadings of party bus, taxi service, airport service, dublin service and all that crap, still makes out that the 20% is available. So we book a 6 seater taxi for our party of 6. They tack on €2 booking charge, which is apparently normal (maybe it is) to avail of this offer. We took quite a simple journey that ended up at €22. I had previously exited the taxi and reminded my italian friend that he had to ask for the 20% off. He arrives at his destination and is told that he's not getting the 20% off, that this does not apply to 6 seaters. Trust me, he would know better than to try that crap with an irish person. I ring up the next day, last saturday, to advise them of what was going on and what was to be done. The person on the other end seems very surprised that this person said such a thing and that she'd have to talk to the seniors to get it resolved. I was told that they'd "get back to" me in "about 30 minutes". I ring back after 3 hours and I am told by a different person that someone from customer service would deal with it, to expect a call within the week. A week later and I am left twiddling my thumbs. Dublin is full of taxi companies. Don't take one that instead of promising you €4.50 off, cheats you out of another €2 booking fee.
10/5/2013 3:02:35 AM Report