34 Main Street
Co. Cavan
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086 406 1572

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Company description

Irelands premier body-modification experience specializing in piercing, branding and scarification


Sparrow has done three of my piercings (and I'll be going back for a fourth - septum yaaaaaay :D ) and was incredible for all of them. I am very familiar with needles as I have 6 tattoos and 7 piercings so far and am also a blood donor, but he still insists on asking if you want to see your needle before you're pierced, as per his protocol. He's a pure sound bloke, real friendly, real genuine and he'd talk the hind legs off a donkey! If you go to Sparrow for a piercing, it's not going to be a quick in and out job - you better be prepared to spend at least two hours in the shop for a chin wag. Sparrow's technique in his piercing is nothing short of exceptional, he's spotless clean with an autoclave clearly visible behind his desk and he detroys all needles after use (the only time he insists you look at the needle, apart from when he opens it). He gloves up and opens the needle right in front of you so you have the peace of mind knowing he's not contaminating anything! Prices aren't rediculous but they aren't dirt cheap either, 'coz guess what? If it's dirt cheap it's probably gonna be a dirty/sloppy job, and personally I don't mind paying for good quality and hygiene :) He's great for offering the ould aftercare advice and he will tell all clients to ring him any time day or night if they have a problem. You will be required to sign a mini-contract with a questionnaire, regardless of your age. The shop is lovely and clean, its tidy and smells great all the time! There's also a wide selection of jewellery for sale in the shop, but it can be quite pricey. The piercing price includes your standard jewellery (which you choose yourself) and a bag of high-quality rock salt to clean your new piercing!
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