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Buyers beware of I bought a Grade A Pre-Owner iPhone 8 this week-end. A few things went wrong: 1) The phone arrived with no accessories other than the charging cable and in a plain non-Apple box. Since the phone was bought for about 85% of the retail price (in a used condition as well), the value of the accessories would have been roughly equal to the difference. Also the lack of an official box will make it very hard to sell the phone when the time comes. At no point was I informed that the phone will come like this; this information is not visible anywhere on the website (including the Grading System page and the product page). 2) After purchasing and paying for the product it was scheduled for delivery. Since I wanted to add a case for the phone to the order, the only option I was given was to pay for shipping again. I spoke with a representative over the phone and they suggested e-mailing them photos of my ID front+back AND my credit card front+back. This is absolutely unacceptable from a data security standpoint and was the only option I was offered (save for paying for shipping again). 3) I was informed that the phone will be dispatched on Monday at 3pm from the Galway warehouse; the phone arrived later than expected due to it actually being sent from Cork a day after. Apple headphones and the Jack adapter cost roughly what the difference between my phone and a brand new one would be on most stores anyway; and not being to sell the phone in the original box a few years down the line will make its value a lot lower.
5/16/2018 5:31:51 PM Report